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Selecting A Vacation Rental Home

"Ultimately, the home you select will have a strong influence on the outcome of your vacation. Here's some tips we've learned from 10+years of helping people vacationing in Lake Tahoe".

First, access your group's needs

A rental home should ideally meet as many of your group's needs as possible, because it serves as your group's base. Things like number of bedrooms and beds, the number of bathrooms, if the kitchen is large enough, the home's location, the level of comfort, easy access to the home, and everything else that matters to you.

Ask for references

No matter who you book with ask for 3 references of folks that have already stayed in the home; AND CALL THEM!! If an Owner can’t / won’t provide references DO NOT book with them. There are some really bad rentals / owners in any market. Many of our bookings are parties that have arrived at their homes, but the home was not as advertised ie not clean, bad / misleading photos, not maintained, etc. to the point that they wouldn’t stay EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE ALREADY PAID!! So you know it must be a pretty bad situation….

They are already in Tahoe with all their stuff, kids, in-laws, pets, etc. and they call us in a panic……sometimes we can help them but most of the time we’re already booked. You don’t want to find yourself in these circumstances.

Ask about stairs & the condition of the home

Renting in South Shore is unique in that most of the "view homes" are built on hill sides. So be sure to ask how many stair steps it is from the driveway to the front door. Obviously this is critical information in the Winter when the steps can be covered in snow, and you're carrying 7 bags of groceries!! All our homes have level access!!

A great home with everything in working order is essential to making your vacation a smooth and delightful experience. When homes are not in top working order; it's very disappointing. You want a home that the owner has lavished upon and not cut corners. Google the owners name or the management company for complaints. Tell the owner about your needs and listen closely to the kind of answer you get back

Compare the home's photos

Nothing says more about a home than it's pictures. In the comparison phase, look closely  and study each of them. Be wary that pictures may hide things. Does it look spacious enough for your group's size?  Does it look comfortable? Many homes are advertised differently from what they actually are.

Careful shopping on price alone

Shop for value instead of price. Usually when a home is too cheap, there's a good reason. Often in Tahoe, paying a bit more, gets you a much better home. Try talking directly with the owners to save on agency mark-ups. Value is about what your group is getting for it's money. Consider the cost per person.

Looking for deals

Usually luxury rental homes have better prices for mid-week days and off-season, especially if you can fill an available gap in the home's on-line calendar.  If you are able to take advantage of them, you'll pay much less for the same home -- if you can be flexible.

Where is the home located relative to what you plan to do

A Tahoe vacation rental home by owner should not be remote, nor should it be noisy. You want privacy, yet close to everything you plan on doing. Plan ahead if you want to be close to the Heavenly Ski Resort.

About the reservationist

A good one is helpful, patient and highly knowledgable about the home. Look for reassurances. She should care about the needs of your group and sincerely help you with intimate information about the home. This gives you a good idea of the customer service you'll have during your stay. You should feel good about the person assisting you with the home you ultimately select.

Safety issues

Safety is an important issue in the decision phase when you're bringing a group to an area -- especially with children and ederly. A home should have as few outside stairs as possible -- especially in the mountains. Ask about them. A level drive-way and attached garage are key in the Winter. The kitchen and dining areas should be located on the main level. Ask about the snow removal service, as well

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